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In march 2012 I performed a little experiment on myself.

"What if I didn't do anything that the hard-body training brigade told me to do, and just ate good food for the month... oh and sat on my behind as well?"

Answer: I lost Almost 10 kilos (21 pounds) . You can too, maybe... check it out and see!
The tales of an expat Australian's adventures as
an expat in Abu Dhabi UAE.
Sometimes helpful, it offers a narrative style tool-kit
to help newcomers settle in to Abu Dhabi.

It also follows a (stangely popular) search for coffee in
the capital if the United Arab Emirates.
As long as there have been two sides to a story, there's ben a rant bubbling under the surface.

More difficult than simply complaining. Less strenuous than employing legal teams to back up ones assertions.

The strength of ranting is in the conviction of the ranter, not specifically weighed down by empirical research.

Sure, ranting can be funny, and sometimes it is not.

Feels good though.